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    Increase Enrollment.

  • Students on campus

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    Increasing enrollment,
    yield and retention.

Success Stories

What Is LRAP?

LRAP Association provides a powerful response to every student and family who questions whether your college is worth it.

LRAP helps you confidently articulate and demonstrate your institutional value. All while helping you reach your strategic enrollment, retention and revenue goals.

Our program allows you to assure students of their freedom to dream and follow their passions and highest ambitions, both on campus and after graduation.

LRAP helps you meet your enrollment goals

  • Grow Enrollment and Improve Yield

    Do you lose students to fear of educational loans and debt? LRAP provides peace of mind, and a safety-net for students and families.

  • Boost Retention and Graduation Rates

    LRAP helps you reiterate your commitment to student success and graduate outcomes. Change the conversation from cost to value, and turn your students and alumni into raving fans.

  • Support Your Mission and Bottom-Line

    Help more students pursue their passions on campus, while preparing to make a positive impact on the world after graduation. Your stakeholders and budget will thank you.

Featured LRAP Case Studies

Featured Case Studies

  • Reduce Students’ Anxiety of Debt

    Do you lose students to fear of student loans? Click below to learn how Warner Pacific College partnered with LRAP Association to create the Freedom to Flourish loan repayment assistance program (LRAP). Warner Pacific’s partnership with LRAP Association further distinguished themselves as a quality affordable institution.

    View Case Study

    Use LRAP to Address Enrollment Concerns

    Is your enrollment declining due to cost concerns? Click below to find out how Houghton College increased freshmen enrollment by 10% by offering LRAP.

    View Case Study
  • Support Transparency and Affordability

    Are you looking for an innovative way to further articulate the value provided by your university to your students? Click below to learn more about how Adrian College used LRAP to provide transparency in college costs and outcomes, while supporting their access and affordability initiatives.

    View Case Study

    Securing Low-Yield, Low-Discount Students

    Are you experiencing low-yield in your low-discount cells? Click below to find out how some of our clients are using LRAP to increase yield, while lowering the discount rate on that cohort, thereby significantly increasing their net revenue.

    View Case Study

Selected Clients

LRAP Articles of Interest

LRAP Specific News

Adrian College President Docking on WGN
2015/01/06 WGN
LRAP Association

As a guest on the Steve Cochran Show, Dr. Jeffery Docking discussed LRAP, and how it's benefited Adrian College.... Read More

These colleges will pay your student loan bills
2014/01/22 CNN MONEY
LRAP Association

A small but growing group of colleges are guaranteeing students that they will help them pay their student loan bills until they secure a well-paying... Read More

NY college promises to help student pay loans
2013/11/30 New York Post
LRAP Association

By backing up its degree with a reasonable earnings figure, has done more to reassure students and parents than some of our bigger-name universities.... Read More

Industry News

What People Think About College: a Snapshot of Public Opinion
2015/05/17 Chronicle of Higher Education
LRAP Industry News

Given that the value of college is frequently challenged on multiple fronts these days, interest in how the public regards higher education runs prett... Read More

For Those Without One, College Degrees Are Seen as Important but Too Expensive
2015/04/21 Chronicle of Higher Education
LRAP Industry News

In the eyes of Americans without college degrees, higher education seems necessary but too expensive. That is one of the main takeaways in a report... Read More

MOOC Hype Fades
2015/03/27 Chronicle of Higher Education
LRAP Industry News

Few people would now be willing to argue that massive open online courses are the future of higher education. The percentage of institutions offering... Read More

  • If it had not been for LRAP, I know for certain I would either be at a different school or working a dead-end job right now.

    - Stacey, LRAP Student
  • Numerous conversations with students confirmed that the LRAP was the decisive factor in their decision to attend, even in the face of large scholarship offers from other prestigious schools.

    - Stephen Yandle, Former LRAP Administrator, Yale Law School
  • It’s every college student’s dream to land a meaningful job after graduation, one that utilizes their strengths and education. Repaying student loans adds significant pressure, and we want to provide our students and families with peace of mind.

    - Dr. Sheldon C. Nord, President, Corban University