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Case Studies

  • LRAP Targeted Use Strategies

    LRAP is customizable to your enrollment goals. Many institutions market their loan repayment assistance program to pre-qualified groups of students, enabling the college to reach students and families who need the reassurance LRAP provides. Other partners use LRAP as a creative solution for specific areas of enrollment emphasis.
  • Promoting Access and Affordability

    Newberry College (Newberry, SC) has experienced a game-changing 34.8% enrollment increase among incoming freshmen and transfers in the 2 years since partnering with LRAP, and an 18.9% increase in fall 2017.
  • Committed to Addressing Debt Concerns

    Keystone College (La Plume, PA) experienced an 13.2% increase in enrollment among incoming freshmen in fall 2017 after partnering with LRAP Association, leading to a projected increase in net tuition revenue of over half a million dollars through graduation.
  • Are prospects stuck in your funnel?

    Awarding LRAP to traditionally low-yield groups is a proven way to get students and families who are concerned about borrowing student and parent loans ‘off the fence’ and enroll. While the following four groups may comprise a share of the upcoming fall’s incoming class; after the unique value of LRAP is introduced, these groups represent a tremendous upside.