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Case Studies

  • LRAP Targeted Use Strategies

    LRAP is customizable to your enrollment goals. Many institutions market their loan repayment assistance program to pre-qualified groups of students, enabling the college to reach students and families who need the reassurance LRAP provides. Other partners use LRAP as a creative solution for specific areas of enrollment emphasis.
  • Promoting Access & Affordability

    Newberry College faced challenges in addressing issues of affordability. Prior to partnering with LRAP Association, Newberry employed several initiatives that sought to ease students’ minds with regard to student debt. Newberry officials nonetheless discovered that many prospective students were still ruling out the college because of cost and student debt.
  • Doing Well By Doing Good

    Hiwassee College needed to grow its enrollment of students pursuing bachelor’s degrees. While Hiwassee had been offering bachelor’s degrees for some time, its students primarily sought associate’s degrees — driven in large part by cost. Hiwassee sought a profound way to promise that a bachelor’s degree from Hiwassee would be worth the investment.
  • LRAP Works

    Whether offered broadly to all incoming students, to a targeted group within defined criteria, or selectively to debt-averse applicants, LRAP changes enrollment decisions in your favor while increasing retention and 4-year graduation rates.