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  • CIWI

    College is Still Worth It

    HigherEd Industry News December 17, 2015

    The value of a college degree is well–documented, but new research from Goldman Sachs appears to further fuel the college-value debate. The findings estimate that today’s college graduates, on average, don’t “break even” on the costs of a bachelor’s degree until age 31 – a full year longer than it took the Class of 2010. […]

  • CIWI

    Graduates’ Workplace Advantage

    HigherEd Industry News December 11, 2015

    It comes as little surprise that the Great Recession had a significantly negative impact on employment opportunities. The peak of the downturn’s effect on underemployment occurred in 2010, when about 10% of college graduates were considered “underemployed” (i.e. unemployed, working part-time or not seeking employment), according to a study by Georgetown University’s Center on Education […]

  • CIWI

    Why You Should Go to College, in 2 Charts

    HigherEd Industry News December 10, 2015

    Just how much is college worth? About twice as much as it was in the 1960s, according to the latest Economic Report of the President. One of the topics examined by the annual White House publication was the college wage “premium,” which serves as an indicator of the economic value of a college degree. This […]

  • CIWI

    For Those Without One, College Degrees Are Seen as Important but Too Expensive

    HigherEd Industry News December 9, 2015

    A new survey of adults without a college degree found that the vast majority – 84% – believe that some form of postsecondary education is needed to get a good job. But just 60% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that a college education was worth the cost. When asked to estimate the cost of […]

  • CIWI

    LRAP Can Help: 2015 IHE Survey of Admissions Directors

    HigherEd Industry News December 1, 2015

    According to the 2015 Inside Higher Ed Survey of College and University Admissions Directors, the challenges facing college admissions leaders just keep growing, in contrast to shrinking enrollments. Roughly half (51%) of admissions directors surveyed reported being very concerned about meeting their enrollment goals for the 2015-16 academic year. What’s worse, 58% said they failed […]

  • Tree

    Financial Strategies: IHE’s 2015 Survey of Business Officers

    HigherEd Industry News November 30, 2015

    According to the most recent Inside Higher Ed Survey of College and University Business Officers, only one in four respondents strongly agreed to being confident about their institution’s financial sustainability over the next half-decade. Even more serious – nearly one in five indicated being worried their institution might be forced to close its doors in the […]

  • What People Think About College: a Snapshot of Public Opinion

    HigherEd Industry News May 17, 2015 - Chronicle of Higher Education

    Given that the value of college is frequently challenged on multiple fronts these days, interest in how the public regards higher education runs pretty high among its champions. The latest public-opinion poll from Gallup and the Lumina Foundation, released here on Thursday, provides some new data points.

  • For Those Without One, College Degrees Are Seen as Important but Too Expensive

    HigherEd Industry News April 21, 2015 - Chronicle of Higher Education

    In the eyes of Americans without college degrees, higher education seems necessary but too expensive. That is one of the main takeaways in a report released on Monday by the American Enterprise Institute, “High Costs, Uncertain Benefits: What Do Americans Without a College Degree Think About Postsecondary Education?”

  • MOOC Hype Fades

    HigherEd Industry News March 27, 2015 - Chronicle of Higher Education

    Few people would now be willing to argue that massive open online courses are the future of higher education. The percentage of institutions offering a MOOC seems to be leveling off, at around 14 percent, while suspicions persist that MOOCs will not generate money or reduce costs for universities—and are not, in fact, sustainable.

  • Is College Worth It? It Depends on Whether You Graduate

    HigherEd Industry News May 27, 2014

    In The New York Times on Tuesday morning, David Leonhardt took on the “Is college worth it?” question. His answer? An unequivocal yes. The college wage premium — how much more college grads earn than everyone else — is the widest it’s ever been, Leonhardt wrote. Graduates are much more likely to find jobs than nongraduates. […]