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    Webinar | 4 LRAP Spring Strategies to Grow Fall Enrollment

    LRAP News April 6, 2017

    Join us for the upcoming webinar, 4 LRAP Spring Strategies to Grow Fall Enrollment to learn more about how you can use LRAP to turn your prospects into students with 4 low-risk strategies. This webinar will walk through the 4 most-successful LRAP pilot strategies as well as client results. LRAP can help you grow your […]

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    Webinar | 3 Ways to Get Prospects Unstuck From Your Funnel

    LRAP News March 7, 2017

    Would an additional 20 students help your institution this fall? Join us for a webinar that will cover 3 proven strategies for using LRAP to get prospects unstuck from your funnel, even this late in the enrollment cycle. LRAP (Loan Repayment Assistance Program) helps colleges and universities enroll and retain students who are hesitant to […]

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    Webinar | Grow Enrollment and Net Revenue by Incorporating LRAP (mid-cycle) in Your Financial Aid Strategy

    LRAP News January 24, 2017

    Financial aid can make or break a student’s decision to attend your institution. LRAP (Loan Repayment Assistance Program) keeps students from walking out the door by helping eliminate concerns about debt – and at a significantly lower cost than the amount of additional institutional aid typically needed to change an enrollment decision. Several innovative colleges […]

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    Webinar | Grow Enrollment by 5%: An LRAP Pilot Case Study

    LRAP News December 7, 2016

    Would 5% growth in next year’s incoming class help your institution meet its enrollment and net revenue goals? Piloting LRAP in early 2017 could provide a significant enrollment and net revenue lift for your school. Join us for our upcoming webinar, Grow Enrollment by 5%: An LRAP Pilot Case Study, with Janine Becker, Vice President of […]

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    Webinar | 3 Easy, Low-Risk Ways to Pilot LRAP

    LRAP News November 11, 2016

    Have you thought about trying LRAP at your institution but didn’t know where to start?  Attend our webinar and we’ll show you how others have successfully tested LRAP. Join us for our upcoming webinar, 3 Easy, Low-Risk Ways to Pilot LRAP on November 17 at 2pm EST. We’ll discuss tested and proven methods of using […]

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    Webinar | How LRAP can Help Overcome Prior-Prior Year Challenges

    LRAP News September 23, 2016

    How is your institution preparing for the potential challenges caused by the shift to Prior-Prior Year? Many institutions are planning to offer financial aid earlier – resulting in more financial aid appeals and a longer time for students to request a deposit refund. LRAP can help overcome these challenges by boosting financial aid packages, assisting […]

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    Webinar | Increase Fall ’17 Enrollment by 10% or More (LRAP Case Studies)

    LRAP News August 18, 2016

    You’ve likely seen our updates about LRAP partner college successes – but have you ever wondered how LRAP helps these schools achieve such outstanding results? If so, attend our upcoming webinar to answer that question and more. Please join us for a free webinar: Increasing enrollment by 10% or more in 1 year (LRAP Case […]

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    Webinar | 3 Ways LRAP Can Increase Enrollment After May 1st

    LRAP News May 13, 2016

    May 1st has passed and whether you are projecting to hit your enrollment goals for Fall 2016 or you’re running a bit behind where you would like to be, LRAP can help. LRAP is a proven tool for changing enrollment decisions. To learn more about using LRAP this summer, sign up for our webinar 3 […]

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    Webinar | 5 LRAP Spring Strategies to Improve Fall Enrollment

    LRAP News January 12, 2016

    Would an additional 20 students help this fall? Are you looking to shape your class profile? If so, now is the time to begin planning spring initiatives that will help boost enrollment. This webinar will teach you 5 LRAP strategies you could implement this spring to improve your fall enrollment. To learn more, attend our […]

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    Webinar | 7 Strategies of Highly Effective LRAP Users

    LRAP News December 3, 2015

    Join us to learn how LRAP clients are improving their enrollment and shaping their classes using a tool that’s proven to impact enrollment decisions. Plan on attending one of our upcoming webinars, 7 Strategies of Highly Effective LRAP Users on December 11 at 1PM EST. During this webinar you will learn: -7 unique LRAP strategies our clients […]