LRAP is proven to help institutions gain a competitive advantage, yield more students, and grow net revenue.

LRAP (Loan Repayment Assistance Program) helps colleges enroll students who are hesitant to borrow, by addressing the fear of loans and student debt, up front.  

Download our Presidential Prospective White Paper to learn more about the reputation, enrollment and revenue benefits of implementing LRAP. 

Our Targeted Use Strategies case study shows client results from different usages of LRAP, such as with transfers or with financial aid appeals.

Our CFO's Guide to LRAP offers more information regarding the financial benefits of implementing a LRAP program at your institution.

We're partnering with a growing number of colleges across the country.  

Request your customized LRAP proposal to get an idea of how many additional students and how much net revenue you could gain by implementing LRAP.

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